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In the fact which Master ...?

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A man went to find a day, a respectable and him said " I would like to become your follower ". The respectable retorted to him: " Would you Like to become the follower of a wolf ? "  "No"  made the man. " Then, you can not follow the Road, because I am myself follower of a wolf and it would be necessary you to consider my boss as superior to you.  " - "  But, how can you be the follower of a wolf, this animal wild and so slandered ?  " . "  Oh, simply because one day, I saw a wolf treating(handling) with kindness the another wolf which had made for him act of allegiance ".

The guest protested energetically : " But you have your school, your centre of studies which frequent pupils who treat(handle) you with the biggest respect. You reached a stage where one does not take charge any more of the way wolves behave among them   " - "  You describe there what you wish, says the respectable. You wish an education with regular rites, outside marks(brands) of respect, a visible centre of studies, you does not try to be authentic one follower. You try to be a part of a community of this kind. It is not the same thin.  " - "  But, if I was attracted by your outside shape, it is of your fault certainly, because it is under this shape that you appear at the world. "

"  What the world thinks of it is the thing, it what the follower understands is another thing of it, says the respectable. If what interests you, it is the rite, the community, the religious music, the teamwork, the service of the others - or rather what you understand there -  then, you more need those that can educate you in this sense with their methods. Give itself to the worldly and superficial requirements, it is not the Buddhism, even if everybody thinks the opposite. "

After this anecdote,

At present, in the  " méga-souk of the spiritual business  ", it is necessary to give evidence of a very big difference in its spiritual collection, in particular in that imaginary of a  "boss"  among the plethora of smiles artificially pleasant and seductive, because as said the proverb : " When the follower is ready, the master comes"... Then to good follower, Awakening!

K.G. Dürckheim asserted : "  the authentic boss is not the one that imposes himself upon you, as boss, but the one that will awaken you to your own internal master ". This to allow you to be autonomous, free and responsible and assisted culpabilisatoirement or steered coercitivement.

So, please , will be here, a synthesis established from the models of life of the  " big souls "   " to see correctly " if the "boss", together with which you aim to be able to carry out your " Path towards the Awakening ", possesses the majority of these characteristics,  it to progress calmly confident.


The ten characteristics

Of an authentique Master

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1 - Discreet but not secret remainder, he neither looks for nor retains the followers ; intensely plunged into the daily reality, he devotes to no proselytism, even under friendly invitation to carry(wear) you assistance(audience) or to test your capacities,

2 - Having resolved his tensions and personal problems, he teaches only from the lessons of sound lived expérienciel, in this present life and not in some previous,

3 - Having integrated the Just Understanding, he controls with a perfect rigour the educations which he distributes and gives exactly, at the convenient moment, among what each needs,

4 - Considering the Money respectfully and the difference, he lives simply, using(employing) no diverted(hijacked) means either to grow rich or to deceive some confidence of his followers, by living in their expense,

5 - Knowing the traps of the illusions of the spirit, he does not promise either powers, or ranks, or rewards, creating ambition, duality and rivalry among his followers,

6 - Considering impermanent as every human being, he refuses that the followers become attached to him, not falling nor not letting them rush into the insidious their demand the biggest respect for the true Word of the Buddha traps some blind worship, but (what is valid for the other authentic Educations),

7 - Aware(conscious) of the infinitely precious character of the human life, he refuses itself in any exercise, depersonalizing, of some power, physical as psychic, and aware(conscious) of the badge value of the family, he tries by no means to put her in danger,

8 - Setting itself by no means for a superior being, a seer, even a "alive" God, or too seriously, he is simple and humble, everything in the service of the others, within the framework of ihis competence and activities,

9 - Having the sense of humor, generous of his person without wait or expectation)of  "return"  and shining the kindness, he is brilliant and " not floodlit "  ,

10 - Having a practice with equanimity, the " intelligent Condolence ", he sees Buddha's nature in every human being, to allow, in each, in any responsible autonomy, release itself, by himself, from his own sufferings.


The photo this above represents very vén. anagarika Sîlananda, founder of the Swiss Buddhist Union , founder member of the European Buddhist Union and regretted master of vén. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény during Wesak 1995, 12 days before its departure which he made, by smiling in his sleep, for Tushita or heavenly house of the Buddhists