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Why Sâdhana

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A mastered mind is source of Balance
A well-balanced mind is felicity source


Boudha58. GIF ( 21506 bytes) To be Buddhist is only not to sit down and to meditate, but it is also to live in the society, to act within it and to be engaged in this one. The Buddhist thought can bring to the West a lot as far as this one does not let be distorted to her by the note of exoticism which he confers her too often. The contribution, in "social", is a striking aspect of it, by its solidarity, in particular. So it is sensible to pull the lessons of it to adapt them through precise actions to improve the quality and the harmony of the environment. vén. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény wants, and in its ethics and in its activities, to be in accordance with the chief thoughts of the Education of the Buddha.

How Sâdhana :

- Make better known the Buddhism and the basic educations of the Buddha to the persons interested as well as to the general public, by means of the review Sâdhana, having appeared six times a year during 6 years, conferences, seminars, thematic exhibitions.

- By the information which she diffuses, to avoid the confusions which can appear in the western spirit as well as the creation of mixtures overflowing(brimming) and inconvenient,

The Buddhism, as such, should be considered as a platform towards a better awareness of its own spiritual roots and not, wrongly and confusedly, as a new orientalo-western religion with character proselyte, as a lot of people believe still or are vector of this erroneous faith.


- vén. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény pursuit towards a return skinned(sifted) in the Main part of the Tradition, the persons, laymen and nuns aware and conscious of the necessity of a cohesion furniture restorer and purified by the various Buddhist traditions. This in purposes of precise and exact information about the fundamental Education of the Buddha, about his contents and especially about the rigour of its distribution in West.


- vén. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény distributes regularly instead of its seat: " the Peace of the Mind " in  1077 Servion / VD - Switzerland, basic educations of the Buddhism according to Ekayâna, the Way of the Buddha, essential educations common to the various traditions and the schools of the Buddhism.